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CNC Holding has five companies under its wing. Each one specialises in the production and transportation of different substrates for mushroom cultivation. We translate this expertise into value for our customers in the form of high-yielding, stable and reliable substrates.

CNC Grondstoffen B.V.

CNC is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of substrates for mushroom cultivation. With our economies of scale and specialist knowledge of composting and casing soil, we can produce efficiently and deliver a consistently high-quality product. We are world leaders when it comes to expertise in producing mushroom substrates. Expertise that we translate into value for our customers in our stable, reliable composts and high-quality casing soil.

CNC Exotic Mushrooms B.V.

Mushrooms are our passion. CNC Exotic Mushrooms produces substrates for all edible mushrooms grown on wood or compost with the exception of substrates for white and chestnut mushrooms. We are market leaders in Europe in this industry.

Holpol Compost Sp z o.o.

Holpol Compost is located in Gościejewo in Western Poland and produces compost for growing white mushrooms and chestnut mushrooms. Our company was set up in 2000 and we supply mushroom growers throughout Poland with top-quality, stable compost.


AMCO takes straw-rich horse manure off horse owners’ hands. Reliably and neatly. We also provide a manure administration service. We work with professional, committed drivers, many of whom have many a long track record in the trade. In addition, with our own fleet of more than 80 vehicles we are an attractive partner for transporting bulk loads in the Netherlands and Western Germany.

CNC Quality Products Sp.z o.o.

CNC Quality Products specialises in transporting full-grown compost from the Netherlands to countries all over Europe. Since we started in 2004, we have gone from strength to strength in parallel to the increase in CNC’s full-grown compost exports. In addition to compost, we also carry other bulk goods such as cereal, wood chips and paper. What sets us apart in the transport sector is our team’s professionalism, our efficient logistics system and our high level of service.